A long strange trip

If you are reading this in the future, let me tell you about March of 2020. It is a bonkers time. No one knows what is happening. Everyone is frightened, or at the very least exceptionally anxious.

There is a new virus running amok globally and it has got everyone’s shit freaked out.

What this means for a lot of people is staying in your house waaaaayyyyy more than normal. For our part, we have been “self-isolated” for about 10 days now. In an effort not to go nuttier than normal, I started rebuilding this site using a static site generator named hexo. This is a replacement for my old trusty Squarespace site (which I wasn’t doing much with anyway).

The experience and frustration of getting this up and running have been a pleasant distraction. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hexo. I love it and am looking forward to learning a lot more about it. Along the way, I’ve had to learn a ton more about git, Amazon Web Services, Wasabi storage, SFTP, encryption, and a bunch of other related things.

This is exactly what I wanted.

Now I am gonna get down to writing stuff. Hopefully every day. A couple of times a week.

What to expect

In the past, Nerd Butler has been a place where I tried to do a little business and educate folks on topics I found interesting. It is still going to be that. But in light of the world we are in and my need to avoid the stir-crazy madness that is nipping at all of us, this site is also going to serve as my personal blog/journal. I like tech. So I’ll write about that a lot. But I will also be writing about personal activities, feelings, attitudes, life stuff, etc.

I’ll categorize things so if you just want the techy stuff, there will be an easy place for you to go to do that.

Expect that the design of the site will change, sometimes radically, regularly. The content shall remain, but the look and feel are gonna be fluid. I am whimsical and easily distracted by shiny themes.

So let’s get this going

That’s it. Let’s get to making some content; And taking care fo each other as much as possible.

  • Levi Sauerbrei