Nerd Butler is the creation of Levi Sauerbrei. For Levi, a career spent helping people do more with tech has evolved into a life of solving problems with the resources at hand. He got his first computer more than 35 years ago and since then he has spent his professional (and quite a bit of his personal) time understanding how technology can make our lives easier. His experience spans from Fortune 100 companies to national non-profits to small business and in 2014 his girlfriend (now wife) suggested that he start a company to help individuals and small businesses with their technology.

When searching for a name, Levi recalled thinking that the most interesting figure in the Batman series wasn’t Bruce Wayne, but Alfred. The butler and faithful companion stood by quietly to make sure that Master Bruce/The Dark Knight always got the sage advice, stitching up, or encouragement he needed to keep going.

With that ethos in mind, Nerd Butler was born.


More recently, Levi has become a Gentleman of Leisure which consists mostly of doing dishes, folding laundry, keeping up with the latest tech news, and occasionally knocking out an IT project here and there. But the passion for helping people with technology is still there. He answers questions almost daily for people looking to make sense of an increasingly complex landscape where we are expected to buy a new phone every 12 months and every device is presumably “smart”.


The Nerd Butler website and associated resources are intended to be a place for people to learn more about the technology that affects each of us every day and to be more informed and educated when making decisions about how to use technology.

So whether you need a product recommendation, a bit of tech support, or just some encouragement about taking control of your digital life, you can call on Nerd Butler.

Levi Sauerbrei