Rochester Rising Podcast

On the Episode 265 of the Rochester Rising Podcast, Nerd Butler owner Levi Sauerbrei had the opportunity to share his passion for empowering and educating clients to do more with the technology they have. The goal is to help people understand how technology can be used to improve their lives and businesses. He strives to make technology accessible and understandable for everyone. During the podcast, Levi discusses how he approaches client engagements and why it’s important to leave impart an understanding of technology to all of his clients.

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5 Terms To Know When Talking About Your Website

Introduction Talking to vendors about your website can be an intimidating experience. What is the difference between a host and a registrar? Are Nameservers and DNS the same thing? Why do I get funny looks from my web designer when I tell them I bought my site from GoDaddy? Knowing a few key terms can help you ask better questions, understand what services are being offered, and allow you to do more accurate comparison shopping.

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